Chief Meteorologist Bob Becker’s 7-Day Forecast (7/27/2013)

Less humid; Rain on Saturday

Knoxville TN Area/Central Valley Weather Forecast
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This is Chief Meteorologist Bob Becker. A Late July Cold Front??? You Bet!!!! A Few Showers or possible overnight with Lows in the Upper 60’s. Here comes the cold front tomorrow. Look for a 70% Chance of Scattered Showers and T-Storms. A Few MAY be strong so stay with us through the day for any updates. Look for Highs in the Mid 80’s. Lows will drop into the Mid 60’s Saturday Night. As long as the front behaves and moves along, we should enjoy VERY COMFORTABLE TEMPERATURES and Low Humidity on Sunday with Highs only in the Low 80’s. We will be flirting with RECORD LOWS Monday and Tuesday Mornings. Lows will be in the 50’s!!!!!!!!! Monday Morning ( Can I even wait for this and Near 60 Tuesday Morning. Humidity will rise and Rain chances will increase again by Mid week. Have a Great weekend and make the outdoor plans mainly on Sunday, although there will still be some sun tomorrow.

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